How to Become a Popular Blogger


I'm not an a-list blogger. At most, I might be considered an "influential blogger". However, I have both a professional and intellectual interest in the subject of blogging. I've been following the evolution of blogging for about two years now. This interest drove me out of college and straight into career of web design, development, and consulting that centers around "bloggy" web applications. That's my background, and I'm sticking to it.

Step One: Come to Terms with Reality

Regardless of who you are, or who you think you are, the truth is no one cares. To get around this sad fact, you have two options:

  1. Offer useful insight regarding a specific subject in which you have expertise.(like the tutorials on drupal development at this blog)
  2. Slap a picture of a very attractive female on your header, and start writing sassy and largely incorrect polemics. Preferably, you should be a staunch, anti-bush libertarian who believes the Clintons are childern of Satan.

Needless to say, we're going to go with option two for the purposes of this tutorial.

Step Two: Develop your Brand

Regardless of your gender, understand that you are now female. So, for the sake of example, I am now Nicole Lewis.(WhatEVER!)<---me getting into character.

Now, you'll need a picture of your new self. This can get tricky. Your image needs to be of a very attractive woman, and yet must be of one who either a)no one will recognize, or b)is in on it. If your serious about becoming a popular blogger, you'll find a way to pull this off. However, once you find that picture, you're set. After about a 15 minute search, I decided on a my "Nicole Lewis", and the design and content just flowed from there. Observe:

Final Notes on Part One

Today we've learned about the importance of being a sassy attractive woman in the blogosphere. For the more motivated students, I'd like to point you to a brilliant real life example of this strategy: Hot Abercrombie Chick