Foundry Theme Nearing Release

Foundry[1], a new theme I'm working on, is getting close to release. Here's the latest screenshot. 

This theme is something of an anthology of design/templating/css solutions I've found over the course of this year. My most recent of which is a horizontal nested menu tree (contained within a div rounded using javascript), with background images, and support of infinate levels. Oh, and it works on the big browsers: IE6, IE7, Firefox, and Safari. 


Normally I wouldn't gloat about "supporting all browsers". However, in this case, getting it to work was an emotional rollercoaster, an exhausting journey, and a opprotunity for self growth. I still need to come up with a decent color scheme to contrast the various levels... but that is a peace of cake.

Also note that this screenshot comes from a taxonomy_menu page. You may note that RSS feeds normally don't appear on taxonomy_menu pages. Well, they do now. Its a small detail. But, in many ways this theme IS about the small details. For example, a comment block which displays not only the time, and title of a comment, but WHO said the comment. Again, small detail. But as they say: "the devil is in the details."


I'm hoping to have the downloadable version up by the end of the week at latest, tomorrow at the earliest. Stay tuned[2].


1. code named "super-dragon',

2. Please hit me next time I use a cliche like that.