Web 3.0 is Born

Just when web 2.0 got old and tiresome, Google announces OpenSocial. Mark my words: the internet just entered an entirely new era.

Since version 2.0, we -- the people who live and think inside the matrix -- have taken on a habit of using meaningless numbers to describe the strongest trends, and advances in internet technology. That's all the buzzword "Web 3.0" is. That's all "Web 2.0" was.

Don't get hung up on the buzzword  -- web 3.0 is in an early infancy, right now its vague enough that  that crazy historical maps like the one for web 2.0 are needed to describe it. (Tim? Come on... where is your web 3.0 map?)

What's interesting about the aforementioned map is a lot of nodes *are* web 3.0, but where originally what web 2.0 was described as "in the process of becoming".  Specifically, "software that gets better the more people use it", "hackability", "web as compontents", "data as the intel inside", "user behavior not predetermined", "trust your users".  


I predict that whatever impact web 3.0 has on the future, it will be unforseen, and have consequences we can't even imagine yet. The only specific predictions I have are:

1. A lot of dumbasses are going to lose money attempting to capitalize off of web 3.0. They'll lose because they forget the web isn't about them.

2. The not-seeking-profit-online users are going to love web 3.0.

Anyways, only the future knows. At the very least, this era is going to be fun one to watch work in.