Drupal Theming for the Masses


My name is Nick Lewis, and I'm a blogger and a "professional" web programmer/designer/consultant. My specialities are CSS, SEO, and drupal customization & theming. However, more importantly, I am a cyberactivist. Without going into to much detail on my political motives (which could best described as anarcho-left), one of my main goals is to expand the community of innovative open-source programmers, designers, thinkers, and developers. In one sense, I could claim I'm doing this as a "free gift", but that would be disingenious. It is my explicit hope that this guide will change the way you think about drupal, and perhaps even cause you to become obsessed with the possibilities. If this guide creates just one drupal expert who helps evolve our thinking, I think my sacrafice of time will be worth the return in a very real sense.

This guide is written for an audience of non-geeks who have minimial CSS/HTML experience. In addition, since PHP functions and CSS classes are an inherently dry subject, I've done my best to make these tutorials engaging, or at the very least, tolerable. At the moment, this guide is short, and hardly comprehensive. Expect that to change very quickly; according to my referrer logs, this sort of info is hot. Oh, and I believe in writing things very fast, and think that spell checking is for amatures.

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